Solar Basics

Check out how solar panels harvest the sun’s energy to produce electricity.

How Does Solar Work?

  • The sun generates free energy! Sun rays, also known as photons, shine on to your solar panels. These panels convert the rays into Direct Current electricity (DC).
  • That energy is harvested by your solar system A solar inverter then changes that DC electricity into Alternating Current electricity (AC). This is the type of electricity used to power your home.
  • You use that energy This electricity then travels from the solar inverter to your electrical breaker box and is used at your home when ever you need it.
  • You get credit for excess energy produced When your solar energy system produces more electricity than you use, the excess power is sent to the grid for others to use. Your meter spins backwards giving you credit.
  • Your new electric bill goes down! When the sun is down and your system is not producing electricity, your meter will spin forward. The difference between the electricity you produce and the electricity you consume determines your new electric bill.