Solar for our Planet

Solar is the future of clean energy

People across the world are embracing solar as a clean, abundant, and affordable source of energy. In the U.S., it’s estimated that 13.2 gigawatts of solar will be installed in 2017. That’s 25 kilowatts a minute – equivalent to 5 average residential solar systems. It is no longer necessary to compromise the quality of our environment in order to enjoy the comforts of modern life. Solar allows us to live comfortably now while protecting the environment for future generations to enjoy.

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A Responsible Choice

Over 25 years your system would offset emissions equivalent to:
  • Burning 100 tons of coal
  • 50 Acres of Forest Saved
  • Taking 25 cars off the road

Clean Energy Impact

The average home solar system will offset 178 tons of carbon dioxide over 30 years

Planting 10 football fields full of trees. Creating 18 pounds of oxygen per day.

Eliminating the need to burn 174,907 pounds of coal.

Saving the amount of fuel it takes to drive 390,300 miles, which would get you around the equator about 15.7 times.

Conserving so much water used in electricity production that it would fill 6.7 Olympic-sized swimming pools.