Why Own My Solar?

Going Solar Has Never Been Easier

At Own My Solar, our mission is to make it easier than ever to go solar, so we've created a platform where pre-vetted installers can bid on your business. Our unique auction platform means that you get the lowest possible price from the best installers in your area.
  • Create a quick and free account at ownmysolar.com
  • We design your system and installers bid on the project, ensuring the lowest possible price.
  • You choose the best deal and schedule your installation.
  • Start saving on your electric bill and enjoying the benefits of solar

Why Choose Own My Solar?

  • no SALES call

    We respect your time and privacy. Get an instant estimate without picking up the phone or setting foot outside your home.


    Our solar experts design your optimal system for free and give you a personalized estimate of the potential savings and benefits.

  • Lowest prices from the best local installers

    Highly-vetted solar installers bid on your project through our auction platform, ensuring the lowest possible price.

  • $0 down financing options

    Our platform makes it easy to apply for low-rate solar loans, so you can get the most out of your investment.

Our Solar Installer Approval Process

Solar Installer Checklist

Our rigorous installer vetting process ensures that you get access to the best solar installers in your area. This includes a comprehensive review of each installer's company history, including:

  • Number of installations completed
  • Time in business
  • Aggregate of all public review and rating data for each installer
  • Licensure and compliance checks
  • Proof of appropriate insurance such as workers comp and liability insurance
  • Third party quality control checks
  • Complete business model review (i.e. product offerings, installation process)
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We Respect Your Time & Privacy

  • Forget about online forms and sales calls. Our online platform makes it easy.
  • Easy online questionnaire for accurate quoting.
  • Your information is safe. We never sell any customer info.
  • We automate the loan application process, saving you time.

25 Year Energy System Details

  • 25 Year Performance Guarantee
    • Panel manufacturers guarantee the cumulative electrical production of the solar system
    • If your system produces below the guarantee then the panel manufacturer will provide new panels
  • 10 Year System Repair Warranty
    • Covers defects in workmanship for 10 years
    • Covers defects in equipment for 10 years
  • Roof Warranty
    • Damage resulting from roof penetration during the installation of the system is covered for the remainder of your existing installation warranty on your roof
  • Liability for Potential Damages
    • Up to two million dollars ($2,000,000) for damages to your home, property or belongings, that are caused by your system

Real People,
Real Savings

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We had so many offers for solar installation and got confused with whom to go with, so I almost dropped our plan to go solar. But then my husband and I used your platform to get a short list of the best solar companies for our home, and found that your prices were much cheaper. G. Yao
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80 to 90% of the leg work was done already, before I even met with the installer A. Mollitor
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The platform did a great job in eliminating many of the wrong assumptions I had about solar, such as solar is expensive or savings are not worthwhile. Own My Solar helped me to understand different types of solar incentives and if it wasn't for OMS I wouldn't have gone solar. N. Tetteh

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